Strike hits life

DHANGADHI: Life in the far-west region of the country was affected on Tuesday due to the general strike organized by Rastriya Janamorcha Nepal. The left party organized the general strike in protest against federalism. Businesses, industries, factories, transport services and schools and colleges are closed due to the general strike. RJP cadres and supporters also took out a torch rally on the eve of the general strike. In a statement, the party said the country faces the risk of disintegration if federalism is forced upon the people in an authoritarian manner.

Timber seized

BARDIBAS: A team of the Armed Police Force (APF) confiscated a tractor loaded with timber that was being smuggled into India from Nigaul Chowk at Gaushala, a trading town located in the western part of Mahottari district, on Sunday night. The APF night patrol from the APF camp at Ramnagar confiscated 120 cubic feet eucalyptus wood that was being taken towards India in the tractor. The confiscated timber and the tractor driver have been handed over to the Sagarnath Forest Development Project Office, police said.

Goats given away

MYAGDI: In a bid to raise the living standards of poverty-stricken farmers, the Myagdi district livestock office has given them goats free of cost. Thirty-three poor farmers of Doba VDC have received three goats each, said livestock office chief Prem Sharma. He said that Rs 1,250 has been provided to each farmer to erect sheds for the goats.

Potato crop hit

DHANGADHI: Blight has affected potato crop in Kailai district due to cold wave since a week. Potato plants have started wilting and drying up due to the blight. Mustard, which has just begun to flower, is also been affected by the cold wave. Potato has been grown on nearly 4,000 hectares of land in the district.