Biz Briefs

Golden Gate donation

KATHMANDU: On behalf

of the Golden Gate International College family,

its chief executive officer Ramesh Silwal handed over Rs 51,111 to Annapurna

Post editor Jiwendra Simkhada for ‘Annapurnapost

Sahayogi Hatharu’ in the Annapurna Post’s office at Anamnagar. The campaign for the Jajarkot diarrhoea victims that Annapurna

Post started has been successful in supporting the victims as more organisations are supporting it. — HNS

LG campaign

KATHMANDU: LG Electronics on Tuesday launched its ‘211 Campaign’ to boost aftersales service in Kathmandu. The campaign means ‘service when you want’

and LG mechanics and engineers will visit the site

within a hour of the call placed. The service is available in Kathmandu and will be expanded to three other towns by next month. Within the year, the facility will be expanded throughout the country, it said. — HNS