Water depleting

Kirtipur: Natural water reserves in Kirtipur are under severe human pressure. Artificial water reserves are fast depleting in this ancient city, resulting in water shortage as many wells have gone dry. Local residents say stone spouts and small ponds have come as a huge relief for them in the face of water crisis. The increasing human pressure has been decreasing water level in the local natural water reserves. “These water reserves have been fulfilling the water demand at present. But, slowly the water level will fall,” said a local, Dipendra Kumar Shrestha. Although more Kirtipur dwellers are depending on natural water reserves, there has been no concrete effort to conserve them.

Self-help the best

ROLPA: Locals in Rolpa district have generated electricity by themselves and for themselves. At Thawang VDC, locals of Maranthan and Koijawang are producing five kilowatts of electricity. Sixty households have jointly invested to generate power at a cost of Rs 1 million. Similarly, 44 households are also producing electricity at a cost of Rs 975,000 in Cherbang while 40 households in Thadokhola have lighted up their village at a cost of Rs 720,000.

Cement price hike

UDAYAPUR: Udayapur Cement Industry increased the price of its product Gaindachhap Cement by Rs 50 from Friday. A meeting of the Industry Management Committee held on Wednesday took this decision. Industry General Manager Uddhab Bahadur Karki said Rs 50 was hiked per sack while Rs 10,000 was increased per truck cement. Consumers have protested against the decision of the management committee, but the industry said the price was hiked because of the cheap price of Gaindachhap Cement compared to other brands. The factory, owned by the government, had increased the price of its product twice last year as well.