Cement seized

MANGALBARE: Activists of the Limbuwan Volunteers, the youth wing of the Federal Limbuwan State Council, on Saturday seized 15 sacks of Urea fertilizer and 10 sacks of cement, which was being illegally imported via Pashupatinagar point, from Fikkal bazaar of Ilam. — RSS

Airline e-ticketing

MUMBAI: India is not yet fully ready for the e-ticketing in all air travel that comes into effect from Sunday, feel some tour operators. The apex air transport monitoring body International Air Transport Association (IATA), which comprises 94 per cent of all airlines, has announced that from Sunday all air ticketing around the world will switch to the electronic mode. But Travel Agents Association of India president C V Prasad said all airlines are not yet ready for 100 per cent e-ticketing. — HNS

Ford’s plan

WAYNE: Ford Motor Co has no plans at present for further US plant closures despite a dramatic drop in demand for pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. Joe Hinrichs, group vice-president of global manufacturing, said on Friday in Wayne, Micigan, that it makes no sense to have five factories making trucks and sport utility vehicles on one shift each.

Hinrichs said the company’s long-term choices are to either add production to the plants or close some of them. — AP