Wai Wai Aba Pramanit

KATHMANDU: Wai Wai has added more Vitamins and Minerals apart from proteins and calcium and Vitamin A that would benefit the children. “It was the first noodle to come in more safe metallic packaging with proteins, calcium and Vitamin A,” claims a press release. “Wai Wai is now offering its customers assurance of specified quantity of Vitamins and Minerals — that will help children’s development of brain, body and bones — like Vitamin A (200 IU), Vitamin B1 (0.11 mg), Vitamin B2 (0.08 mg), Iron (3.1 mg), Calcium (80 mg) and Phosphorus (160 mg). It now contains key Vitamins and Minerals and is certified by an international lab.” It is now available in a new pack with new brain, body, bones logo that says Aba Pramanit. — HNS

WTO meet in April

GENEVA: World trade ministers have called off a meeting planned here for this month in the absence of sufficient progress toward a global trade liberalisation deal. But they added that some headway had been made in discussions on reducing barriers to agricultural trade, making a ministerial meeting possible in May. Negotiations aimed at securing a preliminary agreement on trade in agricultural and industrial products have not advanced as much as had been hoped at the start of the year. — AFP