KATHMANDU: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd (SCBNL) has added two more ATM counters - at Tripureswar in Kathmandu and Patan in Lalitpur. Sujit Mundul, CEO of SCBNL, inaugurated these ATMs today. With this addition, the bank has a total of 15 such facilities throughout Nepal. The 14th ATM is located at the premises of United World Trade Centre at Tripureswar to render better services to its customers, while the 15th in Patan is expected to offer services to tourists and locals residing in the area, states a bank press release here. — HNS

Bush to veto tax hike

WASHINGTON: US president Bush warned Democratic lawmakers that he would use his veto power to strike down any legislation raising taxes or increasing federal spending. “I will use the veto to keep your taxes low and to keep federal spending under control,” Bush said. “Democrats in Congress have got a significant appetite for more federal spending,” he said, adding that if the Democrat-majority goes ahead with their proje-cts, “American families, small busine-sses will face a massive tax hike.” — AFP