Bridge to Kusma

PARBAT: The highest and second-longest suspension bridge will be constructed to connect Parbat’s district headquarters, Kusma Bazaar, with Balewa Airport of Baglung district. Survey for the probability of the bridge construction has been conducted. The bridge will be 200 metres high and 500 metres long. Locals of Baglung, Parbat and Myagdi will benefit once the bridge connects the airport with Kusma. The airport, closed for 17 years, would also come into operation as earlier the road facility could not touch the airport. — RSS

Cement smuggling

GAUSHALA: Smuggling of Indian cement and rods is rampant along the border in various marketplaces of Mahottari district. The smugglers supply low quality cement and rods and also cheat the government of tens of thousand of rupees revenue. They mix Rajasthani cement after opening the sacks of branded cement produced in Muzaffarpur of India, said a contractor. The smugglers fix four different rates according to quantity of the mixture used in the cement, which is up to 30 per cent cheaper than Nepali cement. The smugglers also bring low quality rods and sell these at 30 per cent less than legally imported rods. — RSS