Eurozone growth up

BRUSSELS: Economic data to be released this week are expected to highlight continued robust growth in the 12-nation eurozone, underpinned by recovering sentiment in Germany and tame inflation. — AFP

Japan’s economic rise

TOKYO: Japan’s economy is expected to register another quarter of sluggish growth. The government is set to report GDP growth of about 0.3 per cent for the third quarter and an annualised rate of 1.2 per cent. — AFP

Construction boom

MANILA: A new building boom is sweeping across the Philippines capital and surrounding areas, fuelled by cash-flush overseas-based Filipinos looking to invest in retirement homes. Rising property prices are helping drive the surge of Philippine share prices to the record levels. — AFP

BSM restarts work

BUTWAL: Butwal Spinning Mill (BSM), which was closed for the last few months, has started its operations from Sunday. After the closure of the mill, a meeting of all sides, including eight political parties, civil society members, workers, entrepreneurs and businessmen held on November 8 had decided to reopen the industry from November 12. — RSS

Vegetable farming

MAKWANPUR: Vegetable worth Rs 60 million has been produced in a year in Phalek VDC of Makwanpur, which is adjacent to the capital. The farmers of the VDC, who have been adopting to commercial vegetable farming, produced the vegetable worth Rs 60 million in a year, said Ram Kaji Basnet, chairman of the Namuna Vegetable Collection Centre. — RSS

Anti-monopoly law

HONG KONG: A proposed new anti-monopoly law has been greeted with scepticism by both free-marketeers and pro-regulators who claim Hong Kong’s status as a world trading hub is being put at risk. Essentially, the law is designed to prevent price gouging and protect consumers and Hong Kong’s budding entrepreneurs from overlording cartels. — AFP

Zimbabwe inflation

HARARE: The establishment of a new government watchdog to monitor prices and incomes in Zimbabwe is only likely to further accelerate the country’s runaway inflation rate.

Officials say a bill is to be tabled in parliament shortly for the creation of a prices and incomes commission in a country where the level of inflation crossed the 1,000 per cent mark six months ago and now stands at 1,070 per cent. — AFP