New DCCI team

DHARAN: Mohankaji Shakya was elected president of the Dharan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCI). In the election that was held on Monday, Shakya was elected with 370 votes against 338 votes received by his opponent Rajesh Shah. Anil Tamrakar, Manoj Shrestha, Rajesh Agrawal, Ram Sworup Sharma and Saroj Shrestha were elected from his panel while Giridhari Sapkota, Yogesh Kumar Agrawal and Jeevan Kumar Agrawal were leceted from Shah’s panel. The panel of Padma Shakya including Gopal Shrestha, Raj Kumar Rai and Shivaraj Shrestha have been elected from the industries group. Earlier, from the commodity group Keshar Shrestha was elected unanimously.

NTUF plenum

KATHMANDU: Nepal Trade Union Federation is going to hold its first national assembly in Kathmandu. NTUF chairman and MP Bishnu Rimal will inaugurate the national assembly. The first national assembly will converge with the slogan ‘Prestigious, prosperous and creative life for youth labourers’ from February 26 to 27. Youth labourers will also organise a motorcycle rally on the occasion, said officials of the federation.