Kathmandu, June 7:

Rabindra Bhattarai, a share analyst and lecturer at Shankar Dev Campus, has brought yet another book for investors and to-be investors. But this one is a hand-book — Sharebazar ka Jigyasaharu — Frequently Asked Questions about share market.

Not only in Nepal but capital market worldwide is known for its irrational exuberance. Investing on stocks is one of the best options apart from investing on lands or gold, the traditional investment instruments. But books in Nepali to educate investors are difficult to find in the market. This book will, thus, be helpful to the investors and to-be investors to know the basics and dynamics of the Nepali share market.

The rules of investing or picking a stock doesnot change with the conditions in the market; either one would invest on Initial Public Offering (IPO) or in the secondary market. When one picks a stock from a secondary market or participate in an IPO from investment angle, then one should place importance on the company, its background and promoters, financials and valuations. Sharebazar ka Jigyasaharu will help understand these essentials.

Two rupees each from the sale of this book will go to Education First- an initiative by Fine Print to establish schools in every region.