Bottlers’ Nepal opens after two months

Kathmandu, March 4:

Bottlers Nepal Ltd and Bottlers Nepal (Terai) Ltd, both subsidiaries of Coca Cola sabco, the franchised bottlers for Coca Cola in Nepal resumed their operations in Kathmandu and Bharatpur today after a gap of more than two months.

The operations of Bottlers Nepal had been stopped since December 24, 2006 due to a protracted labour dispute.

While the issue of labour lay offs had been a bone of contention between the Coca Cola management and the Maoist affiliated trade union for some time, matters reached to a head on December 24 leading to a lock out in the two factories.

The company was reported to be incurring losses amounting to approximately Rs 1 million a day with this sudden closure.

The breakthrough in the deadlock finally came through today when the management reportedly met at an emergency meeting and decided to officially announce reopening of the two factories in the evening.

While the Coke officials were unavailable for comment as they left for the factory, the public relation agency issued a hurried statement on behalf of the company.

The statement thanked Ramesh Lekakh, minister of state for labour and transport, Bishnu Hari Lamsal, joint secretary at ministry of labour and transport management, Binod Bahadur Shrestha, ex-president, FNCCI, Dhruba Koirala, valley coordinator of All Nepal Trade Union Federation (ANTUF) and all the trade Union Federation ike GEFONT, DECONT and ANTUC for their ‘valuable support in resolving the issue’.