Brand watch

New rubbers

KATHMANDU: Gayatra Store Enterprises (GSE) launched three new condoms in the market. “GSE launched Black Cobra, Feel and One-Touch condoms with different attributes in a basket approach to make the consumer pick the brand of his choice,” according to a press release. GSE claims all of the above condoms are of higher quality but at affordable prices. All three brands are available in the market. — HNS

Herbal tea

KATHMANDU: NN Herbal Industries Pvt Ltd launched its premium quality health tea. Himalayan Herbal Health Tea is a perfect blend of selected Himalayan herbs. “It enhances immunity, vigour, and vitality and is the best tonic for everyone,” claims the company. Tulsi Tea, Guduchi Tea, Diabetes Tea, Blood Pressure Tea, Heart Tea, Memory Plus Tea, Slim Tea, Liver Tea, Gastric Tea, Diabetes Tea, Piles Tea, Massage Oil and Sheetal are other products of NN Herbal. It will also soon introduce a new premium quality Himalayan Herbal Massage Oil. — HNS