Kathmandu, August 23:

Compro Computers Pvt Ltd has started marketing ‘Enjay ThinClient’, a pre-configured 100 mbps local area network card that enables a low speed computer to run as a high-speed computer. The Pentium-I computer can be operated at a speed of P-4 after using this new ThinClient card in the network. However, it doesn’t need a hard disk. “But the RAM should be of 32 MB,” said Pramananda K Dev of Compro Computers. The card can be used for any kind of operating systems including Win NT 4.0, WinK2, K3 and Linux. The card is not for home use or for single computer, since it requires a server and minimum five computers in the network. “It is very useful and cost effective for schools, colleges, IT institutes, hotels, travel agencies, call centres, corporate house, factories, hospital, banks, cyber cafes and offices that use more than five computers in a network,” Dev added. Developed by Enjay Network Solutions India, Enjay ThinClient can be used in old computers and it doesn’t need any additional hardware, hard disk or upgrading.

“As per our cost calculation, about 40 per cent of total cost can be saved in a new network set up of 25 computers if ThinClient is used,” claims Bhim Dhoj Shrestha, member of Computer Association of Nepal (CAN). The main objective of using the ThinClient card is to bring down the total cost as well as to eliminate the necessity of upgrading and regular maintenance, Dev said. “Compro Computer is marketing Version 2C and 2.0 in Nepal.”