Brand watch : Launching ... the ‘Lord of the Streets’

Kathmandu, December 7:

Morang Auto Works (MAW) — the sole distributor of Yamaha Bikes in Nepal — has launched Yamaha FZ16, a street bike for the youth.

While inheriting the quality of the famous FZ series that rules the streets of Europe, the FZ16 is thought to be slated to revolutionise the concept of street biking in Nepal, said Suraj Manandhar, AGM Morang Auto Works during the launch here.

“After successful introduction of R15, Yamaha has now brought Yamaha FZ16, designed on the Triple Macho Concept with unprecedented and innovative form to conquer the hearts of Nepali youths,” Anil Baral, CM at MAW said adding that by adopting the air-cooled engine this new steed from the Yamaha stable creates a never-before-experienced level of torque and satisfies every requirement of the rider.

It wears the revered FZ tiara and is known as ‘Lord of the Streets. “Each part is designed with detailed attention and careful thought. The FZ16 is pPriced at Rs 1,84,900 as an introductory price for a short period, said Bishnu Agrawal, CEO of Morang Auto Works.