Brand watch : Vive la Perodua’s ViVA!

Kathmandu, July 20:

Perodua has brought ViVA — a revolutionary compact car — in the market.

Most compact cars come with limitations that always leaves something wanting. However, Perodua aims to provide a compact car “that won’t leave anything to the imagination,” states a press release. “The optimised Perodua ViVA comes with specifications that will even embarrass sedan segment cars.”

DOHC/EFI with DVVT engine, a first in the compact car segment, 90-degree door opening angle providing maximum entry access and height adjustable seats are some features that will make driving more comfortable, claims the company.

Viva comes in four variants. If you are the fuel watching type, the 650cc ViVA gives

an amazing 20KMPL (tested on Nepali roads). There are the 850cc, 1000cc and premium variants that offer more power and luxury in five vibrant colours.

“If one knows cars, one will appreciate the ViVA,” says Rabindra Shrestha, sales manager of Nemlink Intl’ Traders Pvt Ltd.