Clarify govt rules

Narayangarh: The government must make arrangements for automobile entrepreneurs to register for Value Added Tax as per the nature of their business, as the term automobiles does not represent vehicle traders and spare parts’ traders. A provision should be made to import only those models of vehicles for which permission has been granted. Due to the lack of such a provision, servicing and repair of many models of vehicles hasn’t been possible. Permission to import spare parts for these vehicles that are allowed to be imported, should also be given. Vehicle owners in bordering areas take their vehicles to Indian markets for repair and this is leading to losses for government in terms of revenue collection. Custom charges should be reduced to stop this practice. This will also end smuggling of motor spare parts. Also, the ownership transfer process of vehicles is long and tedious, this should be simplified and hastened.

Shiva Raj Giri, automobile entrepreneur

Stop auto theft

Pokhara:The government has to pay attention on demands of various entrepreneurs. We are ready to work with the government for the solution of auto entrepreneurs’ problems. There are many problems of auto entrepreneurs. The government should seriously try to solve them. Our main problem at present is stolen automobiles. There is a lack of a powerful mechanism to identify stolen automobiles and to fight against thieving. The government must incorporate some storng rule to stop such practices in the new budget. Such incidents are mainly occurring in bordering areas. The government has to create an environment to identify them and to punish the guilty. The government should decrease the insurance rate on automobiles. We have no comment on tariff and tax structure but urge control of stolen automobiles. The new budget should initiate work to stop the illegal import of automobiles from India, which hurting the domestic market badly.

Rajendra Bataju, chairman, Western Regional Automobiles Dealers’ Association

Expand road network

Dharan: Transport entrepreneurs are hopeful that the upcoming budget by a democratic government would address their existing problems. The public service transport service should be defined as a service industry. There should be a provision of purchase and sale of vehicles on minimum investment. The government should stop collecting custom charge on fuel. This would lessen the fare, which would facilitate general passengers. Also, fare in transport vehicles should be implemented scientifically. The government must also remove the VAT imposed on the insurance premium paid by public transport vehicles. Also, custom rate on the import of new vehicles and spare parts should be reduced. There should be a legal punishment for those travelling without tickets. The state of roads in the nation is very poor, which has caused many accidents and other problems. Therefore, a policy for road expansion and improvement as per the number of vehicles plying in the nation’s roads is required.

Hira Udas, outgoing chairman, Nepal Transport Workers’ Federation

Decrease tax rates

Biratnagar: Most of the previous governments thought that increasing custom rates could result in more revenue. But importing goods by paying a high custom rate only results in high prices of goods. This hurts customers who have to shell out the added money and also results in an increase in smuggling. Therefore, the government must decrease the custom rate and make custom administration transparent. The forthcoming budget should also bring a provision for traders to present original bills at the custom. The government should not fix the custom rate for auto parts at more than 5 per cent. The current high rate forces people to look towards Indian markets. This would stop smuggling in spare parts and increase in revenue generation. The government should decrease the insurance rate on automobiles. The new budget should initiate work to stop illegal import of automobiles.

Hari Krishna Dhakal, chairman, Morang Automobiles Dealers’ Association