Budget 2007-08: Major allocations

Interim Parliament Rs 354.8m

Courts Rs 969.9m

CIAA Rs 79.35m

Office of Auditor General Rs 103.09m

Public Service Commission Rs 140.23m

Election Commission Rs 1.65b

Office of Attorney General Rs 186.36b

Judiciary Council Rs 7.98m

NHRC Rs 67.80m

National Alertness Centre Rs 31.99m

Prime Ministers’ Office Rs 2.04b

Ministry of Finance Rs 1.36b

Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Supplies Rs 1.29b

Ministry of Law, Justice & Parliamentary Affairs Rs 48.50m

Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperatives Rs 4.17b

Ministry of Home Rs 10.64b

Ministry of Water Resources Rs 4.25b

Ministry Physical Planning & Works Rs 14.60b

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rs 1.14b

Ministry of Land Reforms & Management Rs 97m

Ministry of Women, Children & Social Welfare Rs 55m

Ministry of Defense Rs 10.91b

Ministry of Forestry Rs 2.31b

Ministry of Science & Technology Rs 1.43b

Ministry of Peace & Reconstruction Rs 1.19b

Ministry of Education & Sports Rs 28.39b

Ministry of General Administration Rs 169m

Ministry of Information & Communication Rs 2.12b

Ministry of Local Development Rs 13.08b

Ministry of Health & Population Rs 12.09b

Ministry Labour & Transport Management Rs 241.8m

National Planning Commission Secretariat Rs 430m