Kathmandu, July 3 :

Budget for fiscal year 2006-07 needs a lot of resources from donors due to the serious economic situation facing the country and a liquid political scenario.

Finance minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat today said that the economy is in a poor state and revenue is almost negative. Given such a context, the budget making process is very tough, Dr Mahat said. What is worrisome is that industries are not operating now which has affected revenue collection very much, as peace and security is mandatory for them for working and to generate more revenue. In this, the Maoists have to support wholeheartedly as well, Dr Mahat opined. In this critical situation, donors have shown their willingness to support Nepal, he added. I request the World Bank to convert its willingness into cash as the country is facing a serious liquidity crisis, said Dr Mahat, at a budget interaction programme organised by the Management Association of Nepal (Management Development Centre) today.