Bush against protectionism

Washington, May 7 :

President George W Bush does not agree with those who want the US take protectionist measures to counter challenges of competition from India and China.

Addressing graduates of the Oklahoma State University at Stillwater, Oklahoma, the president said yesterday, “We’re seeing the rise of new competitors like China and India, and this competition creates uncertainty.”

“Some look at the changes taking place all around us and they worry about the future. Their reaction is to wall America off from the world, and to retreat into protectionism,” Bush said, “This is a sure path to stagnation and decline. I ask you to reject this kind of pessimism. We should welcome co-mpetition, because it makes our country stronger and more prosperous.”

“For your generation, even more opportunities will come from overseas. Government must help, but it is up to you to take advantage of what you have learned here, and meet the future with confidence in your ability to compete and succeed.”

In a lighter vein, he told the students and teachers, “Someday you’ll appreciate what you’ve learned here, you’ll make your teachers proud.”