Call to make Himali region special industrial corridor

Kathmandu, March 4:

The Himalaya Janadhikar Sanjal has stressed geographical periphery should be made the basis while establishing a federal democratic state in the Himali (mountainous) region.

It said that a policy should be enacted for yak herding and sheep keeping for the development of the region, adding that it would submit a 25-point memorandum to President Dr Ram baran Yadav.

Stating that the people of Himali region faced various problems during the long-decade conflict and that they greatly contributed to the establishment of a republic in the nation, the memo has demanded the Himali region be declared a “special industrial corridor” in order to develop and extend industries on the basis of wild herbs and forest produce of the region.

Around 68 per cent of the state’s means and resources should be provided for development of the Himali region while 75 per cent of the total royalty given by the region should be allocated for the protection of environment there, according to the memo.

Sanjal coordinator Nemdi Sherpa stressed on the protection of prized herbs found in the region such as yarchagumba, panchaule, loth salla, jatamansi and nirmasi apart from rare wildlife like musk deer and lophophorous. He also urged the government to arrange for cable cars in the region as a reliable means of transportation to facilitate mountaineering and export and import of goods.

Meanwhile, experts are also lobbying for economically viable federal states — that can sustain themselves — while writting the new constitution.