Cape Verde 153rd WTO member

Geneva, July 23:

The northern African island nation of Cape Verde, one of the world’s poorest states, became the 153rd member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) today.

With a population of 4,00,000, Cape Verde, an archipelago in the North Atlantic, specialises in

the production of salt and bananas and in fishing. Negotiations between Cape Verde and the WTO began in 1999.

The process included the examination of measures undertaken by the African nation to adapt its trading practices to WTO regulations as well as to open its markets to imported goods and services.

The country, which became independent from Portugal in 1975, became the 33rd of

the world’s 50 least developed countries (LDCs) to join the WTO.

However, no ceremony has been planned at the WTO. “We are too busy for a ceremony,” said a diplomatic source, refering to an ongoing ministerial meeting in Geneva aimed at brokering a global trade deal.