CDCAN protest fandango hots up

KATHMANDU: Central Dairy Cooperative Association Ltd Nepal (CDCAN) today announced the third phase of its agitation

demanding implementation of the government decision to hike

milk price. Last month, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MoAC) had decided

to increase milk price

by Rs 4.

MoAC had distributed the price benefit as Rs 2.76 for farmers and Rs 1.24 for dairy industries. A recalcitrant Dairy Development Corporation (DCC) has refused to implement the price set by the ministry and has announced the dairy price arbitrarily. “DDC is cheating farmers,” a CDCAN press statement read, “Farmers will not get more than Rs 1.26 in a litre of milk.”

Under CDCAN’s third phase of agitation has started today, dairy cooperatives and farmers will block milk supply. “The supply blockade will continue till August 31,” CDCAN stated. CDCAN is planning to organize press conference on Saturday and road blockade on Sunday.

DDC has increased the price of dairy goods despite addressing price adjustment problem, it blamed. DDC fixed an increase of Rs 2 per half litre of milk, Rs 30 per kg of ghee, Rs 40 per kg of butter and Rs 10 per litre of yoghurt on August 15. DDC has also increased prices of dairy sweets by 25 per cent.

CDCAN has threatened more comprehensive protests if DDC does not implement the MoAC decision.