While the economic activities have pretty much resumed in full swing, the poultry sector it seems is still struggling to get back on track. Consequently, consumers have witnessed chicken price has more than doubled over the course of last six months.

A kilo of chicken that used to be sold for Rs 180 now costs anywhere between Rs 360 and Rs 400.

Krishna Shrestha, a chicken seller in Jorpati said that wholesalers have hiked the chicken price citing lack of production. "We were supplied chicken at Rs 370 per kg today and we are currently selling it at Rs 380 per kg," he said, adding that wholesalers have hiked chicken price claiming the production has been affected.

He further said the soaring price has dented the demand for chicken meat in the market.

Shrestha said the wholesalers have slashed their daily supply of chicken to 15 to 20 kg now against at least 25 to 30 kg just a week ago. As per him, the farmers did not keep chicks for hatching, which resulted in production decline.

Amid this, the price of chicks has also gone up. According to the Nepal Hatchery Industries Association, chick price has reached Rs 70 per unit from Rs 30 per unit six months back. According to Tikaram Pokhrel, president of the association, along with chicken price, price of chicks has also gone up. The market is struggling to meet the consumers' demand, he said.

The production was already affected during the lockdown. And recently all hotels, restaurants - the large consumers - have resumed operations. Hence, the demand has increased, he said. "The price of chicken is likely to rise further."

Earlier, talking to The Himalayan Times, Pokhrel had said that the chicken price might reach Rs 500 per kg.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 17, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.