China opts for digital mapping

Beijing, May 6 :

More and more people in China are turning to digital navigation maps.

It not only prompts drivers when to turn left but also tells them where to fill up their gas tanks in the confusing maze of roads.

These maps can be accessed from vehicles and mobile phones and are an indicator of the country’s future mobile lifestyle.

“Quite a number of automobile producers, both domestic and international, will install our navigating map in their new models,” said Sun Yuguo, president of Beijing-based NavInfo Co Ltd, which is the country’s top cartographic information provider.

Sixteen car brands use NavInfo’s map service.

Leading mobile phone manufacturers are also eager to join forces with the mapping giant, propelled by the success of Nokia, which marketed a new mobile personal navigation module late last year.

As small as a disc, or even smaller to fit into mobile phones, the digital map reciprocates with the global positioning system (GPS) to guide people to their destination in a few clicks.