Chrysler to go electric in 2010

US, European markets first targets

Chicago, September 24:

US automaker Chrysler this week joined the ranks of other automakers promising to bring electric cars in 2010.

Yesterday, it unveiled three plug-in prototypes: an all-electric sports car, an electric minivan and a Jeep outfitted with range-extending gasoline engines.

Chrysler said that the all electric sports car, dubbed the Dodge EV, would have a continuous driving range of just 240 to 320 km but would have enough power under the hood to go from zero to 100 km per hour in less than five seconds.

It could be recharged by plugging it into a standard household outlet for four to eight hours.

The Jeep and minivan would have a range-extended electric engine that promises zero tail pipe emissions and a range of up to 64 km on electric power and up to 640 km with the addition of about 30 litres of fuel. They can also be recharged at home in four to eight hours.

The US market is first priority followed by Europe.