CNI expresses concern over treaty renewal

Kathmandu, February 22:

A delegation led by Atma Ram Murarka, acting president at Confederation of Nepalese Industry (CNI), met Buddhiman Tamang, minister for industry commerce and supplies, Rajesh Kaji Shrestha, assistant minister for industry commerce and supplies and

Rabindra Khanal, state minister for labour and transport management separately in their respective offices and discussed the renewal of Nepal India Transit Treaty today.

A press release issued by CNI states that the failure in renewing the treaty, which was extended only for three months after its expiry on January 5 could lead to Nepal’s economic collapse.

The delegation also urged respective ministers to find a sustainable approach to solve the problem before time expires once again, adds the press release.

The meetings were attended by senior officials from respective ministries and Rajendra Kumar Khetan, vice-president of CNI, Satish Kumar Mor and Kumar Thapa along with other national council members of CNI.

The treaty — after expiry — has been extended by Indian side for three months, as India wants some amendments in the accord.