Commercial launch of Nepali pashmina trademark very soon

KATHMANDU: After a long wait of 20 years, the eve of New Year will see Nepali pashmina getting its trademark launched in the domestic market. Though Nepali pashmina has a history of 20 years it still lacks its trademark in the local market.

According to Nepal Pashmina Industries Association (NPIA) president Shanker Prasad Pandey, within the month of Poush

NPIA will make the official launch of Nepali pashmina with the brand name Chyangra Pashmina, its trademark and official

hologram. “We are all set for the trademark launch here,” said Pandey. “Though we have been moving on with brand registration in the international market, we lack our trademark in the local market. This can create difficulties in our brand registration process too,” he said.

NPIA has successfully registered Nepali pashmina with the brand name Chyangra Pashmina in Australia, Norway, Japan, EU and Korea. Pandey said the trademark in the local market will be available for members of NPIA. “Soon after the official launch here, we will move forward with brand registration in 10 more countries because then we won’t have any technical problems,” Pandey said.

He added that the bill regarding Nepali pashmina is also awaiting approval from the Parliament and said that it would be approved soon. NPIA, with its brand registration, hopes to check the market of fake Pashmina both at the national and international level. Lack of public awareness and absence of trademark in the market has increased the export of fake Pashmina. NPIA has applied for brand registration in Switzerland, and China too. Due to the lack of its own brand, different countries are still misusing the name of Nepali Pashmina to sell products made of viscous polyester, wool, cotton and other textile materials.

Once the brand Chyangra Pashmina gets registered worldwide, export of fake Pashmina will be controlled. “Nepali pashmina has a history of more than 100 years and from 1990 it began to be marketed commercially,” said Pandey.

NPIA after great endeavour

got an agreement signed with Trade and Export Promotion

Centre (TEPC) regarding the mechanism to get loan from TEPC for the brand promotion of Nepali pashmina abroad.

TEPC will grant loan to NPIA on a three-instalment basis — Rs 10 lakh, Rs 8 lakh and Rs 3 lakh. NPIA has already recently received its first instalment. The TEPC board made a fund allocation of Rs 25 lakh for the brand promotion of Nepali pashmina.