Construction materials’ price up

Dhangadhi, March 27:

The skyrocketing price of construction materials including cement and iron rods for the past few weeks has badly affected construction work in Dhangadhi.

Besides the price hike there is a shortage of iron rods, contractors said. Construction entrepreneur Bhim Bahadur Saud said all construction work has stalled and labourers have been rendered jobless. After the price hike, JP cement now costs Rs 850 per bag, Reliance cement Rs 720, Yeti cement Rs 700 and Jagadamba cement Rs 710. Until a month ago, the price of cement was Rs 400 to Rs 500 a bag.

Locals accused big traders of hoarding cement and iron rods to fleece consumers by hiking the price. Trader Ram Awatar Joshi said the price hike and shortage was due to the price hike in Indian cement, rise in transportation cost of Nepali cement, decreased supply and regular strikes and bandh. Meanwhile, brick entrepreneurs have also raised the price from Rs 4,400 to Rs 4,800 per 1000 bricks.