Consumer goods’ prices spiralling

Ramechhap, August 7:

Citing hike in price of petroleum products, traders here have hiked prices of consumer goods in Ramechhap district. As a result, there is no uniformity in prices of consumer goods.

The price of consumer items like rice, pulse, salt, soaps, tea and cooking oil have gone up steeply, putting a great strain on low-income consumers.

Consumers also complained that there was no uniformity in the price of consumer goods and that prices were shooting up by the day. “I bought a kg of pulses for Rs 80 and the next day the price shot up to Rs 90,” Purna Bahadur Thapa, a consumer said, adding, “Businessmen are hiking the price of consumer goods daily in the name of rise in price of petroleum products.”

“Compared to the hike in the price of essentials in other parts of the nation, the price hike in Ramechhap is very low,” Nil Hari Ghimire, a Manthali based businessman said, adding, “We are forced to sell some goods at loss.”

Though the law requires that dealers hang up price list in their shops, hardly any of the shopowners are following the rule, consumers complained. Also, the concerned authority is indifferent to the matter.

“Owing to the price rise of petroleum products, the price of some consumer goods has increased,” Nabin KC, executive secretary of Ramechhap Chambers of Commerce and Industry said, adding, “As there is competition in the market, there is no uniformity in the price of goods in shops.”

Ramechhap CDO Surya Prasad Shrestha said, “If we find non-uniformity in the price of consumer goods in the market, we will probe it and initiate necessary action against the errant dealers.”

Meanwhile, the district remains hit by the shortage of LPG for the past ten days. No LPG has been supplied from Kathmandu as the capital itself is facing a shortage, LPG dealers said.

LPG consumer Ramesh Dahal of Manthali said, “Cooking gas is not available, and we are facing difficulty preparing the meals. An LPG dealer Cheena Karki said, “We ourselves do not know when LPG will arrive from Kathmandu. The capital itself is facing an LPG shortage.”