Cooperative brings changes in standard of life in Doti

Dipayal, February 24:

Women in Mudegaun VDC of Doti are providing loans after they started a cooperative in the village. Seven various women’s groups from Mudegaun VDC jointly started Bhageshwori Women Multipurpose Cooperatives.

The women said the cooperative has brought changes to their lives. Unlike in the past, they said they do not have to take loans from merchants. “Now we have developed habit of depositing at least Rs 10 per month,” Ishwora Bogati said.

The women are depositing the amount they get from selling chickens, goats and milk. Mina Shahi, treasurer of the cooperative said they have been spending the deposited cash on other productive areas. The cooperative has 125 members and collected Rs 40,000 in the first year of its establishment. Helen Shahi, another member of the cooperative said it has been investing in the social service. “The objective of our cooperative is not only to earn profit but to uplift the economically marginalised villagers’ lifestyle including the dalits,” Shahi added.

The cooperative has been providing loans for pig keeping, duck keeping, poultry farming and vegetable cultivation.