Cottage, SSI expo by FNCSI

KATHMANDU: The Federation of Nepal Cottage and Small Industries (FNCSI) is going to organize a cottage and small industries expo and national industrial exibition from December 10 to 14 at Bhrikutimandap here.

“Participants from 50 districts will be taking part in the expo,” said FNCSI president Lata Pyakurel. She added that the expected amount of business is about Rs 3 million.

There will be 200

stalls exibiting goods produced by small and cottage industries. During

the fair, many kinds of entertaining programmes will be conducted. Live performances by celebrities, cultural fashion shows, food fair and concerts are on the list.

This year, products like showpieces made of wood, stone,iron, ceramics, carpets, goods made from refined jute, allo, lokta, pashmina, Nepali handicrafts, herbs, agriculture-based products, decorative items made from bamboo, drinks made from fruits and many other items will be exibited.

According to Pyakurel, this kind of event is necessary as it provides a platform for cottage and small industries to exibit their products and develop marketing network. She added that the expo will help the small scale enterpreneurs establish direct contact with customers and elaborate their services as well.

Last year, more than 200,000 people visited the expo and Rs 2.5 million worth of business was conducted. This year, the federation has targetted a turnout of 250,000 people.