Cyber cafes lure youths

Biratnagar, March 27:

Cyber cafes in Biratnagar, Itahari, Duhabi, Urlabari, Damak and other cities of the eastern region are luring more and more internet surfers. The cafes could be seen crowded with youths busy in chatting, sending mails and surfing the net for information as well as for entertainment.

About two-dozen cyber cafes in Biratnagar always remain crowded with surfers. Dipendra Koirala, a local of Janapath tole, Biratnagar, said, “Visiting cyber cafes is a part of my daily routine. I cannot pass a day without visiting the cafe once. I spend daily one-hour in the cyber café.”

According to Upendra Chourasiya, owner of the Digital Cyber based at Traffic chowk, most youths visit his cafe for chatting.

Nagina, an internet surfer, said, “It is the cheapest method of talking with friends.” The cyber cafes seem busier on Saturday due to students’ leisure day. Load-shedding schedule has hit cyber cafes hard, say cyber entrepreneurs. Not only in Biratnagar, cyber cafes have been attracting youths in Itahari, Duhabi, Urlabari, Damak and other cities in the eastern region.

“I mainly go to cyber cafes to chat with friends. I like to make new friends through the internet,” said Isha Sigdel in Itahari bazaar.

“Youths are the main users at my cyber café,” said Kala Subba, owner of the Damak-based Net Zone Cyber, adding, “My cafe mainly remains busy in the morning and evening.”

Some youths come to cyber cafés in search of love. “Love affairs of some youths are going on through the method of chatting,” Kala said.