Deforestation destroys timber worth millions

Rabi Dhami

Mahendranagar, June 10:

Timber plants are being destroyed due to illegal deforestation at Kanchanpur district. Once a densely-forested area, large parts of the district is being illegally denuded of trees. The District Forest Office has accepted the reality of the thinning timber line at Bani, Mahendra highway, Gadhariya, Pahariya, Banshaha and Domilla. According to statistics from District Forest Office, about 0.4 million cubic feet of timber is being destroyed. The act of deforestation in eastern Jhapa to western Darchula, once initiated by the government itself in 2011 BS to rehabilitate flood victims, is still continuing in Kanchanpur district. According to statistics, deforestation is being carried out at the rate of 0.8 hector daily, at Kanchanpur district. In the last two years, 10,000 hector of land has been cleared of trees. This statistics is being doubled now. “Owing to fertile land and continuing migration, the forest land in Kanchanpur district is being deforested by people,” said District Forest Officer, Ramprit Mourya.