Dell plans Malaysian centre

Kula Lumpur, May 7 :

US computer giant Dell Inc will set up a technology and development centre in Malaysia’s high-tech city Cyberjaya, news reports stated here today.

Dell announced the decision during a visit to the co-mpany’s headquarters in Ro-und Rock, Texas by Mala-ysian prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Friday where he met with Dell’s founder and chairman Mi-chael Dell and chief executive Kevin Rollins. “Dell’s global growth and need for additional development activity, coupled with the success of our Malaysian facilities since 1995, gives us confidence that this new facility will enhance our ability to deliver the industry’s best value and customer experience,” the national news agency, Bernama, quoted Rollins as saying.

The centre will be involved in a range of value-added activities, including process design and software development, and employ as many as 1,000 people over the next few years, Bernama said.

It did not provide other details, saying they will be finalised later this year.