Digital divide to be bridged

Kathmandu, January 11:

A South Korea-based NGO, Educators Without Borders (EWB), with the coordination of Jeoung Keun Lee, the former director of Asian Development Bank Institute, is making a feasibility study for the establishment of sustainable multipurpose telecentres in the 4200 VDCs of Nepal.

During a meeting with members of the feasibility study team, Minister for Information and Communications Krishna Bahadur Mahara voiced his earnest wish to help to bridge the digital divide by tapping expertise and financial resources available in Korea. Key components of the proposed project include training of potential telecentre managers and technical support to ensure long-term sustainability, according to a press note.

EWB co-founder and CEO Ki-Seok Kim said, “At least 38 per cent of Nepal’s population is children and 58.2 per cent is economically active. With such a young population with fast learning abilities, Nepal will show high adaptability to the technology.”

The feasibility study report will include technical, social and economic feasibility analyses together with project design.