Disney under fire in Hong Kong


Hong Kong, July 25:

Disney came under fire from animal welfare groups on Monday for having stray dogs on its Hong Kong theme park site rounded up and killed. Around 40 dogs, some of which were used as unofficial guard dogs by construction workers, are believed to have been given lethal injections after being caught by government dog catchers. Disney called in dog catchers to clear the site of dogs in the run-up to the opening of the $3 billion theme park in September.

It denies the dogs were used as guard dogs and says they were strays that wandered onto the theme park site during construction work. They were prowling in packs, a spokeswoman said. However, Hong Kong Dog Rescue, which found homes for three of the 45 dogs rounded up, said Disney should have made more effort to find homes for the dogs. In a letter to Monday’s South China Morning Post newspaper, the group’s founder Sally Andersen said dogs from the Disney site had been turning up in government kennels at “an alarming rate”.