Do not panic, supply of essential goods intact’

Kathmandu, March 10

Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada today said that the supply situation in the market is intact and urged the public not to stock up on essential goods unnecessarily.

Addressing the media today, Khatiwada said that despite supply obstructions from the northern border, the supply from the southern border is intact and increasing, which has maintained balance in the market.

“While supply of essential goods is normal, the country also has adequate stock of essential goods.

Moreover, import of goods from China is also expected to resume soon as the coronavirus in the country is being contained gradually,” informed Khatiwada, adding that panic buying will only lead to market imbalance.

As per him, supply of food items, petroleum products and other essential goods is normal.

On essential drugs, Khatiwada said that domestic pharmaceuticals have been producing drugs at full capacity while discussions are underway with India to lift the ban on export of raw materials of drugs that the country has imposed for different countries, including Nepal.

“Domestic firms have started producing masks in high volume. Once domestic production reaches the market, the scarcity of masks will be addressed. Regarding medicines, public should refrain from making unnecessary purchases. The government assures that there won’t be any scarcity of drugs,” he said.

Similarly, the government also urged the public not to stock up on cooking gas unnecessarily citing that the supply of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is normal.

“Though the supply of few drugs, clinical masks and sanitisers has been affected, the supply of other essential goods, especially food items, is normal. Panic buying will only create havoc in the market,” as per Khatiwada.

Khatiwada claimed that the country has stock of drugs and food products for six months.

The government will take severe action against traders found to be hoarding goods and promoting black marketing, Khatiwada vowed.