DoT collects Rs 460 million in revenue in four months

KATHMANDU: The Department of Tourism has collected revenue amounting to Rs 460 million in four months of the current fiscal year.

The Department had set a target of collecting Rs 1.13 billion in the current fiscal. At present, it has been successful in  only collecting a little less than half the target within the first quarter of the fiscal year alone.

Department Director General Dundu Raj Ghimire said that this year the Department hopes to gain significant amount of revenue, compared to the past years.

Of the collected revenue, maximum amount has been raised from the casinos. Last year, revenue of more than 500 million was collected from casinos. Similarly, hotels and travel agencies registered with the Department are other major sources of revenue.

The Department had collected Rs 1.13 billion in revenue in the fiscal year 2017/2018 and Rs 660 million in fiscal year 2016/2017.