Even boutique and deluxe hotels in Nepal will soon be receiving 'star' classification.

Earlier, the Department of Tourism used to provide star rating classifications only to large hotels, while there was no clear criteria for deluxe and boutique hotels. With the new classification being enforced, all hotels and resorts will have to put up signage with their 'star' rating at their gates, according to the department.

The minimum standard or a normal heritage boutique hotel will be granted three stars. The terms 'three-star' and 'standard heritage' should be put on their signboard.

'Four-star' and 'deluxe heritage boutique' will be given for deluxe heritage boutique hotels. 'Five-star' and 'luxury heritage boutique' will be used for luxury heritage boutique hotels.

The minimum standard or ordinary resort will be recognised as a three-star resort.

Such resorts will be marked with 'three-star' and 'standard resort'. Deluxe resorts will be able to use 'four-star' and 'deluxe resort', while luxury resorts will have 'fivestar' and 'luxury resort' on their signage. Tourist standard hotels will be given 'TS' sign.

The motels will get a sign of 'M' inside a circle. Motels that were previously registered at the department and its subordinate offices and are now registered with the concerned bodies of the provincial governments will have to use this symbol.

Hotels operating under 'tourist inn' category will have to use 'I' sign. The sign for hotels registered as 'Bed and Breakfast' should be marked as 'B&B' in red within a circle.

While the department has also set the criteria for such signboards, other details, such as the font size, can be as per specifications set by the concerned local body.

A version of this article appears in the print on February 20, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.