Downbeat Nepse turns bullish

KATHMANDU: The Nepali capital market took a bullish turn this week after weeks of a bearish trend. The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse)index gained 26.50 points this week — December 4-10 and reached 545.66 points on Thursday from the opening day’s 519.16.

This week, Nepse floor traded 561900 units of shares equal to Rs 322.57 million in 4983 transactions. The traded amount was double previous week’s Rs 147.77 million. Class ‘A’ companies’

transaction occupied 35.51 per cent in total transactions, with Rs 114.50 million.

Most of the groups gained in this week’s transaction except for manufacturing and hotel because there was no trading of these groups.

The largest gainer were commercial

banks (41.82 points) followed by

development banks (22.50 points), hydropower (14.24 points) and financial companies (4.36 points).

Nepse float index gained 2.77 points between December 4 and 10 and stationed at 52.19 points. The sensitive index, which measures Class ‘A’ companies, increased by 7.63 points and reached 134.72.

Bank of Kathmandu topped in transaction amount (Rs 146 million) and units of shares (1,40,000 units) while Arun Valley Hydropower Company topped in transactions with 638. There was no trading of government debentures this week.

Right and bonus shares of three financial companies were listed at Nepse this week — Standard Chartered Bank Nepal’s bonus shares 46,65,172 units, right shares (18,20,000 units) of Phewa Finance and bonus shares (1,11,210 units) of Guheshwori Merchant Banking and Finance.