ECoN calls for pro-export sector policy

Kathmandu, December 21:

President of the Export Council of Nepal (ECoN) Raju Shrestha said today during its 12th annual general meeting (AGM) that an Export Promotion Zone should be established and Operation Directives 2061 should be activated. “Exporters bring foreign currency, they should get facilities equal to those for businessmen,” he said.

Shrestha said there should be separate allocation in the budget for export sector. Export Trading Houses have helped the economy, he said adding that exporters in their operations create large employment opportunities to people and earn foreign currency also. He added that a fumigation chamber should be set up and also a gem-cutting institute for training in cutting gems.

He said while other countries provide investment to exporters, exporters here have to pay tax and extra charges due to which they lack competitiveness in the market.

ECoN general secretary Hemraj Dhakal voiced anxiety at the lack of a state policy for promotion and n of Export Trading Houses. “There must be a clear policy for the export sector,” said Dhakal.

Letters of appreciation were given to best three exporters, best sub-committee, best coordinator, FHAN, Nepal Chambers of Commerce, United Link Pvt Ltd, Dream Vision Pvt Ltd, confederation of administrative officers and volunteer management consultant Irene Opper.