Energy, environment section in 73 DDCs

Lalitpur, July 28:

The Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) has constituted a District Energy and Environment Section each in 73 DDCs of the country with assistance from the Ministry of Local Development.

AEPC executive director Dr Govind Raj Pokhrel said the sections formed with the financial assistance of UNDP would coordinate activities in the sector of alternative energy and environment. The section plays a coordinative role in development by various donor agencies, he said, adding locals would have correct information on development works in the sector.

As it was difficult for the centre to monitor the country’s 2,00,000 biogas plants, more than 1,00,000 solar panels and many micro hydro power plants, the section was set up, he said. Donors have shown concern for the programmes brought forth by the centre, he said and added that this programme would run for three years in the first phase.

There will be an engineer and an overseer in each District Energy and Environment Section, and the section will act as a medium for resolving problems in the sector and meeting the curiosity of the masses.