Euro IV standard petrol, diesel from April 17

Kathmandu, November 10

Low carbon-emitting, high grade Euro IV standard petrol and diesel will be supplied in the domestic market from April 17 next year, according to Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) — the state oil company.

Regarded as more environment-friendly than the Euro III standard fuel currently being supplied in the market, the Euro IV standard petroleum products are said to play a crucial role in curbing vehicular pollution as petroleum products with Euro IV specifications contain low amount of sulphur, carbons and other particulate materials that contribute to pollution.

While Euro III specified fuel contains 350ppm of sulphur, Euro IV standard fuel contains only 50ppm sulphur.

“Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has said it will supply us Euro IV standard petrol and diesel from April 17 next year as it will begin production of petroleum products of Euro IV specifications from March from all its oil refineries,” Bhanubhakta Khanal, spokesperson for NOC, informed The Himalayan Times, adding that NOC will import Euro IV petroleum products from IOC beginning April even as the state company will still have the option to purchase Euro III standard petroleum products as well.

According to Khanal, IOC will produce petroleum products of both Euro III and IV standards. Euro IV is the European fuel emission standard succeeding Euro III standard petroleum products.

IOC supplies petroleum products to Nepal basically from its refineries based in Mathura, Haldia and Barauni.

However, petrol and diesel of Euro IV standard oil supplied by IOC will cost around 15 to 20 paisa more as compared to Euro III standard fuel, according to Khanal.

India has its own fuel emission standard called Bharat Emission Stage. Euro IV standard fuel is called Bharat Stage IV in India and Indian Oil Corporation will supply the same fuel to Nepal from April 17. India has already announced that it will switch directly to Euro VI or Bharat Stage VI petroleum products by April 2020.

Availability of high-grade Euro IV fuel will also give better vehicle mileage and increase engine efficiency — something that will be good news for both automobile owners and dealers.

“Lower grade petroleum products not only hurt mileage, it also lowers overall life of a vehicle,” said Sambhu Dahal, vice president of Nepal Automobile Dealers’ Association.

“Supply of Euro IV standard petroleum products in the market will ensure higher efficiency of vehicles ,” he added.

The normal daily demand of petrol and diesel in the domestic market is around 1,100 kilolitres and 2,700 kilolitres, respectively, according to NOC. Similarly, statistics of Department of Transport Management (DoTM) show that more than two million automobiles have already been registered in Nepal.