Euro VI standard fuel in local market from April

Kathmandu, October 3

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) will soon start supplying high-quality Euro VI standard  petroleum products in the domestic market.

As the Indian government is switching to the Bharat Stage (BS) VI stand petroleum products, which is equivalent to the Euro VI standard, from April across the country, implementation of this decision of the Indian government will automatically ensure the supply of Euro VI standard fuel in Nepal.

“The Indian government has already announced to substitute the BS IV with BS VI from April next year. As Nepal solely imports petroleum products from India, substitution from BS IV to BS VI in India also means the same in Nepal,” informed Birendra Goit, spokesperson for NOC.

The Indian government had upgraded to Euro IV standard petrol and diesel in July 2017. In line with India, NOC had started supplying Euro IV standard fuel in the domestic market from the same time.

Euro VI is the European fuel emission standard succeeding Euro V standard petroleum products. However, India is switching directly to Euro VI standard fuel from Euro IV standard.

Fuel of Euro VI standard is said to be environment-friendly and crucial to curb vehicular pollution.

Regarded as high-grade fuel, emissions from petrol and diesel with Euro VI specifications contain low amount of sulphur, hydro-carbons, carbon monoxide and other particulate matters, helping to control pollution.

However, NOC informed that Euro VI standard petroleum products will be slightly costlier compared

to the price of Euro IV petroleum products.

“NOC and Indian Oil Corporation have already agreed to start supplying Euro VI standard fuel in Nepal as soon as the Indian government switches to this standard of fuel,” informed Goit.

Though the public will get Euro VI standard petroleum products from April next year, NOC has already opened the door for customers who consume fuel in bulk to import the Euro VI standard fuel from India.

Meanwhile, NOC has said that the supply of petroleum products is normal and expressed commitment to ensure effective supply in the domestic market during Dashain.