Factories in Morang, Sunsari shut down

BIRATNAGAR: Around 200 factories have been shut down for indefinitely in Sunsari and Mor-ang, according to Morang Industry Association.Among the closed

factories, 50 are big, 150

middle and 50 small ones. “Most of the industrial units were closed in the wake

of deteriorating peace and security condition, however remaining were shut down due to strikes, labour problem, lack of market, skyrocketing prices of raw materials and shortage of electricity, said Somnath Adhikari, officer at the Morang Industry Association (MIA).

“We have repeatedly requested the government to resolve all these problems but it didnot show any concern forcing the factories to shut down,” he added.

“These factories could help boost market and increase export provided they have been let operate smoothly,” Adhikari said adding that around 10,000 Nepalis will immediately get employment, if these industries resume operations.

Crescent Nepal had

established a big factory

at Bhamari of Sunsari

but it was closed before starting its operation due

to forceful donation and threatening since its foundation stone was laid.

According to the association, though the security situation has improved lately the factory owners don’t want to take risk because

of electricity crisis.

The closure of industries has also affected some

banks putting their investment at risk.