FAN to hold 12th floriculture fair

Kathmandu, March 20:

Floriculture has scope for attracting foreign investors here. Though the government gives high priority to the agricultural sector, lack of concern for floriculture is keeping off any joint venture foreign investment.

To promote floriculture, Floriculture Association Nepal (FAN) will organise the 12th Floriculture Fair from March 25 to 29. The five-day fair will have 60 stalls. “We are done with the floriculture policy draft and are quite positive it will attract foreign investment,” said FAN president Shreedhar Karki.

“We are still into old technology but it is not sufficient for greater or quality production. We are not able to fulfil orders at the local level during the peak demand season,” said Karki.

There are around 4000 people directly involved in floriculture while the number of temporary workers doubles in peak seasons.

“If training in floriculture were to be given in the remote and rural areas, the increased production of flowers would generate more employment and earn more foreign currency as well,” Karki added. There are around 500 registered floriculturists under FAN but only 350 are participating actively, he said.

According to FAN data, in the year 2007-08 floral products worth Rs 24.2 million were exported. There are around 600 flower farms and nurseries in 35 districts across the country.