Farmers attracted towards modern technology

Bhawani Adhikary

Syangja, April 18:

Farmers in Syangja have started to embrace modern agriculture methods as it yielded more production than the traditional method. They have started commercial farming of silk, coffee and milk. Bhoomi Jung KC, a 60-year-old farmer of Karen Daanda of Putali bazaar-13, is an example. Farming is what his forefathers also did. But the difference is that they just worked to earn their living. KC, however, started the commercial farming. He has been farming on the wasteland, where previously he used to grow only millet and maize. KC said that apart from his household expenses, he earns around Rs 0.2 million annually.

He owns 45 ropanis of land and has planted litchi, orange, mango, guava, banana, pineapple and forage grasses. He has also a fruit nursery, biogas plant and high-quality cows. Earlier, only his family members assisted him in his work, but with the increasing workload, he has hired four youths from the village. "The unemployed got employment and they are also getting opportunities to learn new technology from me," he said. He said that one should be able to get out from the traditional farming methods. KC has participated in many agricultural fairs and had won many prizes. He has also won a prize in an agriculture fair organised in Thailand by the World Food Programme. He has been awarded Gorkha Dakshin Bahu fifth in 2053 BS.