Fin Min seeks provisions in new constitution to ban industrial strikes, shutdowns for economy's sake

KATHMANDU: Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat has underlined the need for creating a base for taking the country towards economic progress through the new constitution.

Taking part in deliberations on the proposal tabled at the Constituent Assembly, seeking permission to publish the draft constitution in Nepal gazette for people's feedback on Monday's CA meeting, he stressed that the new constitution should have a clear provision banning the announcement of shutdowns and strikes for at least ten years in order to protect business sector from losses.

Any activity causing obstructions in the country's economic development be totally prohibited, he stressed.

Matters relating to improvement of people's livelihood, strengthening of state coffers, implementation of progressive tax system, maximum utilisation of domestic skills, labour and resources with bringing in foreign capital, technology and skills be incorporated in the new constitution so as to boost up national economy, he said.

The presentation of the first draft of the constitution to the Constituent Assembly was a positive move, but still amendments to some points are needed, the Finance Minister said, adding that draft is silent regarding the exercise of 30 fundamental rights included in it. He was of the view that nation cannot be prosperous in absence of foreign investment and added that the subject should be included in the state's directive principles.

CPN -UML's Amrit Kumar Bohara argued that the constitution draft is inclusive as it has talked about the basic affairs of all the indigenous nationalities, ethnic community and women.

"But still some issues are left to be included in the draft and they should be covered through due process, he said," underlining the need of holding the local body poll within the next six months and making the Parliamentary Hearing system more effective.


CA continues deliberations on statute draft