FM releases Rs 53.44b

Kathmandu, February 21:

In the first seven months of current fiscal year finance ministry (FM) has released Rs 53.44 billion, states a press release.

Of the total amount Rs 39.22 billion has been released for current expenditure and Rs 8.89 billion under capital expenditure head. The principal return in the period is Rs 6.20 billion. The release amount is more by 16.4 per cent in comparison to the same period last year. Out of the total amount for current expenditure, Rs 33.31 billion has been spent. Likewise Rs 5.97 billion has been spent under capital expenditure head. The principal repayment in the first seven months stands at Rs 4.38 billion making a total of Rs 43.37 billion of total expenses. Similarly the revenue collection stands at Rs 35.82 billion.