FNCCI threat to go on warpath

Kathmandu, August 27:

Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry is set to declare an indefinite protest programme if the government doesn’t end the syndicate system.

FNCCI held a press meet today here where its president Kush Kumar Joshi said, “We met the Prime Minister and he assured that the system would be ended. Respecting his promise, we called off our protest programmes but the monopoly is yet to end.” He added that FNCCI wanted the elimination of the syndicate system from the grass root level.

According to Joshi, FNCCI filed a writ in the Supreme Court on July 24 against the syndicate system, but the interim order given by the court and the directives of the Prime Minister were not followed. He said, “Within five days we will meet the Prime Minister again and if within five days of that meeting the Prime Minister fails to end the syndicate system, we will not cooperate in any kind of government programme and will stage severe protests.”

Joshi also said, “Whichever government comes to power, it only wakes up when strong and vociferous protests are made or when bandhs and strikes occur. The gentle mode of protest is not enough to rouse it.”

According to FNCCI, it is 68 days since industrialists are protesting against the syndicate system. Many attempts have been made to end this system but those involved in it have scant respect for any policy made by the government or order given by the Prime Minister.